Baborówko Driving Show marathon a surprise for Exell fans

The second day of the Baborówko Driving Show was marked by a marathon. In the pairs competition, the best was the American Jacob Arnold. The CAIO4*-H4 course was covered best by the Swiss Jerome Voutaz. Polish rider Weronika Kwiatek is also in great form and currently holds 4th place in the pairs carriage competition.

The top-ranking CAIO4*-H4 competition for the prize of Patron of the show Roman Roszkiewicz, which is a World Cup qualifier, ended in a surprise for Boyd Exell. The Australian rider finished the Badix Cup marathon in 9th place, but a great result from the dressage allowed him to drop one place. He is currently in second place in the competition standings, with Christoph Sandmann in first place and Daniel Schneiders in third. The marathon was best completed by Jerome Voutaz, Christoph Sandmann was second and Daniel Schneiders third. In the Nations Cup, Germany is best placed, with Australia second and Hungary third.

"I had a mistake on obstacle number one. Accidentally my horses split into two sides, but that's okay. We came out of it and we lost 20 seconds" - says Boyd Exell, multiple World Champion.

In the para-horse competition for the Roman Roszkiewicz Competition Patron Award, American Jacob Arnold took the lead after winning the Kuhn Agricultural Machinery Cup Marathon. In the general classification, Lars Schwitte took second place and Carola Slater-Diener, who did very well in the marathon (second place with a score of 96.14 points), was third. Third today was Czech Jaroslav Juran. Due to Jacob Arnold's individual start, Germany still remains in first place in the team classification. Poland maintains second place and the Czechs are third.

“I was really pleased with marathon. My tactic was to go in and try not to make any big mistakes. Just have a good flowing. It was a nice round” - says Jacob Arnold, the leader of CAIO4*-H2.