The first day at Baborówko Driving Show

The Baborówko Driving Show began with dressage. In the pairs competition the best was German Anna Sandmann. The CAIO4*-H4 dressage was best driven by Boyd Exell.

In the morning's pairs carriage driving competition, Anna Sandmann from Germany was the best. She finished the ride with a score of 47.17 points. Second place went to Lars Schwitte (GER) and third was Jacob Arnold (USA). The best among the Poles was this year's Polish Champion, Weronika Kwiatek, who finished the dressage with 54 points.

"I like the competition very much. It is a world-class event, polished down to the smallest detail. " - says Weronika Kwiatek

The four-in-hand dressage ended without surprise - the best was Boyd Exell, who is currently in first place in the world ranking. In second place was Germany's Christoph Sandmann and in third place was Zoltan Lazar from Hungary.

Australia (CAIO4*-H4) and Germany (CAIO4*-H2) lead the way in the Nations Cup. Poland is in sixth place and second place.