Favourites in the lead after Day 1 of Baborówko Driving Show

The first day of the competition during the official international driving competition Baborówko Driving Show 2022 is behind us. Dressage trials took place in the CAIO4*-H4, for the prize of Duon Dystrybucja and the CAIO4*-H2 for the prize of Baborówko Palace.

We saw 16 drivers in the four-in-hand CAIO4*-H4. The winner was the FEI ranking leader – Australian Boyd Exell, with CELVIRO, CHECKMATE, HERO and IVOR, with the result of 32,86. Second place, over 10 points behind him, went to Anna Sandmann (GER), and third to her father Christoph Sandmann (GER). The best Polish athlete was Wiesław Sadowski, who finished seventh. 

In the pairs competition, for the prize of Baborówko Palace, the best one today was Germany’s Torsten Koalick (GER) with CASSANOVA T and CIANITA, followed by Carola Slater-Diener (GER) and Sandro Koalick (GER). The best Polish result – 9th – belonged to Marek Baryłko. 

-We’re already after the dressage, where we had the pleasure to watch the harmony of the teams and the extraordinary lightness of the horses' gait in pairs and four-in-hand classes. Tomorrow the audiences in Baborówko will witness a truly amazing spectacle which is the marathon. We cannot wait for the adrenaline, which the stars of the world of driving will surely deliver! - says Henryk Jan Święcicki, the director of the event. 

Tomorrow is marathon day in Baborówko. The CAIO4*-H2, for the prize of Kuhn, will begin at 10:30. The CAIO4*-H4, for the prize of Badix, will start at 1:15 PM. 

The online livestream, carried out by Świat Koni, is available at www.equestrian.baborowko.pl 

Online results are available here.