The entry panel is open for Baborówko Driving Show 2022

The FEI entry system for the international driving competition – Baborówko Driving Show 2022 – is open until August 16th. The event includes the Nations Cup for pairs and four-in-hand categories. It will also determine the gold medalist of the Polish National Championships. 

The event will include the CAIO4*-H4 and CAIO4*-H2 classes. The total amount of prizes will amount to EUR 73,000. The deadline for entries is in less than 2 weeks, on August 16.

Baborówko Driving Show 2022 is one of five CAIO4* shows in the world. The organization of a four-in-hand driving competition is possible thanks to the impressive sports infrastructure of Baborówko, which includes a quartz sand arena with a seepage system, measuring 12,000 sq m. It is currently the largest arena of this type in Poland. Baborówko is famous for its great atmosphere and organization that favors not only the fans, but also the athletes.

We can expect the world's best driving judges at the event. The CAIO4 *-H4 competition will be played out under the eye of: Stefan Kęszycki, Pia Skar, Roland Morat, Jury Kunat and Ann-Marie Turbe. In CAIO4*-H2 Ground Jury we will see the following names: Elimar Thunert, Klaus Christ, Marie de Ronde-Oudemans, Tomasz Mossakowski, Bert Jambon. Richard Papens will be the technical delegate of Baborówko Driving Show 2022, and the marathon course is being built under the supervision of Josef Middendorf.

Baborówko Driving Show 2022 will be held in the following format: Friday - dressage; Saturday - marathon and Sunday - cones competition and prizegiving ceremonies.

This is the first-ever international driving show in Baborówko. Despite the debut in the organization of the event in this competition at this level, the International Equestrian Federation granted the Baborówko Equestrian Center the right to organize the Nations Cup.

Baborówko Equestrian Center has so far been known for organizing international eventing and show jumping competitions, during which it hosted the most successful foreign and Polish riders, Olympic champions, world champions and FEI ranking leaders, such as representatives of Germany, Michael Jung and Ingrid Klimke, or the British eventer Oliver Townend.