Brilliant Boyd in top form

Today the official international competition in carriage driving Baborówko Driving Show 2022 has ended. The event selected the winners of the Nations Cup in four-in-hand and pairs classes, as well as the Polish Champion of four-in-hand driving.

The best one in the cones today, for the trophy of the National Suport Centre for Agriculture, was Australia’s Boyd Exell with CELVIRO, CHECKMATE, HERO and IVOR. Second place went to Christoph Sandmann (GER) with AMICO 34, DONVITO VD MULLIGENVREE, HERO H and JORDAN, and third to Daniel Schneiders (AUT) driving DANCINGSTAR, ENRIQUE H, GHANDI and FANNO. 

In the overall classification of the CAIO4*-H4, for the prize of the patron of the event – Mr. Roman Roszkiewicz, Boyd Exell kept his leading position overnight with CELVIRO, CHECKMATE, HERO, IVOR and DAAN 8. Daniel Schneiders (AUT) followed in second with DANCINGSTAR, ENRIQUE H, GHANDI, FANNO and INEBIE, and Anna Sandmann (GER) finished third with ELMO ALMIRE, FANTAST, FREDIE U, HARLEY and IWAN VAN DE MARTHA HOEVE TEXEL.

- It was an excellent test for the drivers ahead of the World Championships in three weeks' time. Everyone felt nice and welcome here – said Daniel Schneiders. 

In the four-in-hand Nations Cup, for the trophy of the Ministry of Sport and Tourism, first place went to the German team of: Anna Sandmann, Markus Stottmeister and Christoph Sandmann. Australia – Boyd Exell and Tor Van Den Berge - finished second, and the home nation of Poland were third with the team consisting of Piotr Mazurek, Wiesław Sadowski and Krzysztof Szczepaniak.

In the cones competition in the pairs category, for the trophy of Kunowo Stables, the best driver today was Dariusz Bajer (POL) with JASPER and IDEAAL VS, followed by his compatriot Rafał Wojtacha with LORENZO and LEX, and Germany’s Sandro Koalick driving JULIUS and KIMON GSM. 

After three days of rivalry, the overall classification was dominated by Sandro Koalick (GER). Second position went to Rens Egberink (NED) with KULANO and JEAMON VAN DE MARTHA HOEVE TEXEL, and third to Torsten Koalick (GER) with CASSANOVA T, CIANITA and EZABELLA.

The winners of the pairs Nations Cup were the Germans: Sandro Koalick, Carola Slater-Diener and Sebastian Warneck. The Polish team of Rafał Wojtacha, Marek Baryłko and Szymon John were second, and the Dutch squad of Rens Egberink and Leo Van Der Burgt stood on the lowest step of the podium. 

– Baborówko Driving Show 2022 was certainly a very successful debut and I am pleased to say that carriage driving will definitely be a permanent fixture in the sports calendar of Baborówko Equestrian Center - summed up Henryk Jan Święcicki, director of the competition.

This was the last competition this season in Baborówko, which has crowned an intense and diverse sports calendar. This year, the Baborówko Equestrian Center hosted international events in three equestrian disciplines: eventing (Equestrian Festival Baborówko), showjumping (Baborówko Jumping Show) and driving (Baborówko Driving Show).